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To provide you with the best and easiest way of payment team is making sure that you first receive your products and then pay for them.


Delivery method

All of our deliveries are carried all across Cyprus, within 1 to 2 working days, after your order, please note that if you order in the weekend shipping will be made on Monday or Tuesday. You can choose to:

1. Right at your door, within city limits, paying a €5 fee.

2. From Courier offices, paying €3 fee if order is lower of 100 Euro.

If you are picking up from the Courier offices you can ask for the nearest to you upon your ordering. Where Courier does not deliver at your door is your obligation to collect by going to the Courier office you asked upon your order.

Upon arrival you are obliged to pay for the item in cash.

If upon arrival you do not want an item, and after you have informed us, is your obligation to pay the delivery back to us.

If an item is broken, and after you have informed us, the delivery fee is on us.


Return policy

You can cancel your order within 24 hours charged free. After that time limit you are obliged to pay for the Courier fee.

If an item is broken upon arrival, contact us immediately, we will make sure that a new one will deliver to you, without extra costs. Any broken item can only be return if less than 24 hours have passed from picking up. If this time limit is passed that item belong to you and you are allowed only the warranty of that item.

An open item cannot be returned or refund, for any other reason. 

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